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Atelier building in Rotterdam
The Building

We are creating a new studio building on the Van Vollenhovenstraat 14 in the center of Rotterdam (near the Veerhaven). Four floors in a former modernist post office are currently being transformed into collective and individual studio spaces with workshops, a big roof terrace, a small cafe and an artist residency. Offering spaces for research, design and small-scale design construction to a community of about 30 people, we aim to create a unique hotspot for creativity within the city. Referring to the 1971 movie by Tati, we thought Playtime would be a suitable name for a modernist office building transformed into a Homo Ludens-like work environment for creative young adults.

As our own apartment is located on the second floor of the building, we designed the building not so much as an office, but much more as a second home for everyone working here. This is why we want to bring together a group of young likeminded people currently making a name for themselves within the international art and design scene, who are on the lookout for a long term location to further develop their work and start new collaborations.
Workshop studio

Three big studios are located on the ground floor with 3.5 m high concrete ceilings. All three have direct access to the Van Vollenhovenstraat as well as their own internal staircase to a workshop in the basement, allowing for a combination of clean and dirty work. An old car lift functions as freight elevator into the basement making it possible to move big pieces and material to the workshops. These studios can offer space to one larger entity but are also ideal to share with a few friends or a collective.

Since we are still in the process of building these studios, changes and specific wishes can be accommodated within the design.

A small coffee bar on the ground floor functions as the reception of the building. Currently we hope we can combine the coffee place with a ceramic studio, showing the guests how the cups are made they drink their coffee from. Since the current zoning allows for a gallery, the coffee place could also double as a selling point/showroom for tableware and other products made within the building.
Ground floor
Workshop studio
Open studio

Two more studios are located on the first floor. Both studios (30 and 50 m2) have a 3 m high concrete ceiling and are very bright. A large – 6 meter high – open office offers space for 16 people. A big meeting room, a fully loaded kitchen, roof terrace and lunch table are shared by all tenants (including those on the ground floor).

From the double height space a spiral staircase leads to the artist residency on the 2nd floor. Through an international residency program, this room will be used as a home and studio for a young designer or artist for a period of 3 to 6 months. Ending every residency period with a dinner in our apartment, which is also located on the second floor, we invite the resident and people from within and outside of the building to discuss work and have a good time.
First floor
Second floor
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