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Design for a pavilion for the botanical garden of Hilversum
Two site-casted concrete slabs lay in the forest soil, surrounded by three walls rising from the ground. The – in stages casted - pigmented concrete, reminds of the typical moraine geology of Hilversum. In between the stone walls the garden floats through the pavilion. The building opens up into three directions with different qualities. A stage for performances and events is created, but at the same time, the pavilion offers an individual a wall to sit against with a good book or a cup of coffee while overlooking the garden.
Towards the west the building opens up to the lawn. By planting a new Pinus nigra a well-proportioned field for event seating is created. The walls of the pavilion lead the sound of performances towards the audience and frame the garden behind the stage.
On the east side the pavilion invites the visitors to enter the building by walking over a narrow path in between the shrubs and trees.
Towards the south, the building frames one of the most beautiful parts of the garden. The smell of needles on the soft forest soil, the dull acoustics and the shadows on the floor of the needled branches moving in the wind can be observed from below the roof.
From base to roof the walls develop from rough concrete to a fine structure. A three piece, prefabricated, concrete roof lays on three walls, emphasizing the three directions of the pavilion. Jumping back on the east- and south side, the roof makes room for the surrounding trees. The building seems to be constructed out of the soil from which the surrounding plants grow. Holding back, but at the same time inextricably linked to the flora that plays the lead role in this garden.
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