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Apartment Hotel
A slow stay business hotel near the Zurich main station
The Aparthotel is located on the Limmatstrasse in Kreis 5, Zurich. The once industrial neighborhood of Zurich is developing fast into a semi posh residential area with lots of small creative firms.

The hotel focuses on international guests who stay several months in Zurich for business purposes. As a hybrid between a private apartment and a hotel room, the guest should feel at home right after arriving. By adding private entrances for all the apartments the feeling of a private residence is increased.

By combining these residential elements with a variety of private and public outdoor spaces orientated on the enclosed courtyard, a possibility to “meet your neighbor” is created. The plinth of the building houses commercial rental spaces and a café that doubles as the front desk for the hotel. This less temporary program increases the feeling of consistency in the building and adds to the courtyard atmosphere.

The brick facade refers to the typical and rich materialization of the architecture of Kreis 5 and functions as a cold load-bearing-structure for the balconies and loggias. Where this cold structure touches ground vestibules improve the interior climate of the lobby and the restaurant.

The entrance to the café is located on the public and busy Limmastrasse, the facade on this side is closed and formal. Towards the Haffnerstrasse the building drops down two floors to adapt to the street profile, the private entrances to the apartments and rentable spaces are located on this calmer and more residential street. Towards the courtyard the cold vertical zones with the balconies and vestibules are exposed breaking the formal facade of the street side. By adding a steel pergola structure, the balcony structure visually extends to the roof and creates shade on the roof terraces.