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Enzo Valerio
In my studio I approach architectural assignments holistic. On the one hand, as a theoretical educated architect, I am aware of the essence of conceptual thinking when approaching complex design problems. On the other hand however, I strongly believe that know-how and practical experience in the field of constructing and building greatly benefits the design practice. Humbled by working with his hands, the theorist's respect for real materials grow. All together this approach results in a more balanced design, derived from both concept and craftsmanship.

I graduated as an architect from the ETH Zurich with the project Sihltreppen in 2014. Having worked at several construction sites and architectural offices throughout Europe and Northern America I gained practical experience. Most recently I was involved in the realization of artworks at the Kunstgiesserei St. Gallen in Switzerland.
Awards & Publications

'Sihltreppen', Atlas of Places, http://atlasofplaces.com/SIHL-Enzo-Valerio

'CAFE', Domus, http://www.domusweb.it/it/notizie/2016/06/17/atelier_kesteren_valerio_cafe.html


'The Floating Theater', Honourable Mention, OISTAT Theater competition

'Sihltreppen', TEC 21 Sonderheft, Verlags-AG der akademischen technischen Vereine


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'Sihltreppen', Baunetz 9.08.2014, www.baunetz.de

'Sihltreppen', Baunetz 15.12.2014, www.baunetz.de

'Sihltreppen', Winner of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) Graduation Prize

'Sihltreppen', Winner of the Baunetz Campus Masters 2014


'Apartmenthotel am Klingerpark', Prof. M.Sik, Jahrbuch 2013, D-Arch, ETH Zürich

'Apartmenthotel am Klingerpark', Prof. M.Sik, Projekte ETH Zürich, Nr 15


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'Parametric Dome Structures', Prof. G.Schmitt, Jahrbuch 2012, D-Arch, ETH Zürich

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